Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Summer to Fall

Man I feel like I am always apologizing for not getting everything up in a timely manner.  

July came and we had a great opportunity to take the kids to Idaho for almost a week.  Half of the time was youth conference and the other half was a family reunion.  (Yes we took they little bunny with us on our trip.)  The kids had a blast and we even were able to celebrate Gavin’s birthday while we were gone.  He has a good birthday.  Swimming, playing and minion cupcakes to share with a lot of people.

Eleven years ago after taking my kids to swimming lessons I got the call from the hospital to come in so I could deliver this little boy that had dropped so early.  I was looking forward to not having that consistent pressure on my bladder. HAHA!  Little did I know that I was going to be delivering a baby the same time my brother-in-law’s wife.  We were in different places so it was really interesting having family text back and forth on status of my progress and her progress.  As I was nearing delivery I found out that she had to be taken to a hospital for an emergency C-section.  I felt awful, but then in turn gave birth to a sweet little boy.  Four hours later she gave birth to a little baby girl.  Gavin has brought energy and a fierceness to our family.  He is so smart!  He understands things that other children would not be able to at 11 years old.  He can provoke others and also be provoked easily.  When he loses his temper it takes a while for him to gain control of his anger just like another person.  After finding out that my little boy has ODD (Oppositional Defiant Disorder) with depressed and anxious moods, my heart ached a little more knowing that he struggles.  He really struggles and some days are harder than others.  Happy birthday sweet boy!!!




Happy Birthday GAVIN!!!

After coming back from our trip the kids really wanted play mates for their bunny.  So they helped research and found 4 little bunnies that they wanted.  Once my kids got them my life was turned upside down with making bunny houses.  I made them for a month and a half then they were done!  I did have help from my dad, sister and their daddy.
Three out of four in one carrier.
Gavin and his bunny Storm.

Dylan and his bunny Fluffy.
Meeting Ester for the first time.  Was wasn't sure what to think of the little babies.
Gavin's bunny Storm is the biggest.
Another picture of Fluffy. Used to be Mr. Fluffy Pants.
Rhett's bunny Streak.
Nikole's bunny Oreo. I want to call him Black Stash.
My friend's Zen chicken coop.  What I wanted to make for the bunnies.
What we had for a while well making their houses.
The beginning of the bunny houses.

This is how they were most of the time until their houses were finished and Ester was visiting. :)


Dylan picked this rook.
Nikole got this roof.
Gavin wanted this one.
Rhett got this roof.
Ester got this one. :)
After cleaning out the bunny pool, Gavin decided to play with the bunnies.
Yes he did shower after wards but he loved every moment in the bunny pool with the bunnies.

Last hurrah for the summer was thanks to AHF and Cowabunga Bay.  The kids had a great time playing dreading the return of books and school, ok they really were dreading the homework. HAHA!
My shark!
Dylan enjoying the life jackets.

Gavin filling his swim trunks with water being goofy.

Rhett trying to be sneaky.

Me drying off.

Changing oxygen.
He wanted a picture of us both.
August was here and school started.  Four kids, and four schools can be very hectic.  I was noticing that Rhett was choking on food and drink whenever he ate so I had to take him to the doctor.  The doctor said that if it continues that he would have to have a swallow study done.  Rhett has had these before and was really not happy about having to do that again.  It did continue and set up a swallow study the end of September right before his trip to Cedar City for Shakespeare.  A few weeks after school started we had Rhett’s annual IEP and eligibility meeting.  Those in that meeting had tested him and was ready.  They were so excited that he did so well on testing they could take him off of an IEP.  While we were meeting they informed us that his tests scores were so good that he was no longer eligible for and IEP and they were moving him to a 504.  As the parents we both refused to sign the paper work agreeing to have him come off and IEP, but he is now off.  Still trying to figure out what I can do to help him. 
First day of school! 9th Grade!!
First day of school!!  3rd Grade!!
He wanted pictures with mommy before the bus came.

First day of school!!  12th Grade!!  SENIOR!!!  EEK!!!
Started 3 days after everyone else. First day of school!  6th Grade!!
Finally the houses were done and the bunnies were put in their new homes!!!

Nikole has shown improvement in doing school work which has been helpful.  The sad part is when she gets to something really hard or something she doesn’t understand then she shuts down and refuses to work.  Her teachers that had her last year were really impressed with her progress so far this year.  I hope that it continues.  She has been giving a WONDERFUL opportunity to go to the Dominican Republic this summer and do service with several other kids and at least two of her teachers.  She is fundraising to cover the costs of this trip, and if you could help her achieve her goal that would be great!!  This is her personal link for her trip.  
This is what her tour is going to look like.

Since her bother is not doing very well I feel like this is an important thing for her to be able to go do service for other people that are not local.  Thank you all so much in advance!!!

Rhett and Dylan both had a neurosurgeon appointment in September and that was the follow up from Dylan’s shunt placement.  Rhett has been having really high blood pressure as you saw from him driving.  Well even after school starting his pressure is still really high and the doctors have been trying to figure out what would bring it down.  We are working with so many doctors but no one can figure it out.  They have increased some medication and we are going to see what happens.  We are supposed to be back in touch about Rhett’s headaches if they continue and his blood pressure is under control.  They both had an appointment with the cardiologist September and that didn’t go too well either.  Dylan’s heart is good right now and the cardiologist thinks that we do not need to get another ECHO done for a little while.  Rhett’s blood pressure is high and that is even with the medication that the doctor has prescribed for him.  They are increasing a dose of one to see if they can bring one of the numbers under control.  I have yet to hear if it has worked, since he just started this week.

Rhett was preparing to go to the Shakespeare competition in Cedar City in October and was spending a lot of time practicing and rehearsing from the middle of September until the day before he was to leave for the competition.  He did enough fundraising to cover his whole trip including food!  So happy for him!!  Now he is trying to help Nikole with her fundraiser for her trip.  He thinks that is a good thing for her to be able to go on this educational tour and learn and do some marine conservation.

Rhett had a swallow study the end of September and we found out that he aspirates liquids up to a pudding consistency.  Which really sucks!!  The speech person thinks he needs to thicken all his liquids.  The problem I am seeing that chokes on solid foods too.  He might have a delayed esophagus that doesn't respond when it should, and instead responds late.  In turn he coughs lots when he eats. :( The doctors want him to get a feeding tube but he really doesn't want a feeding tube.  I told him that he is 17 years old and he can decide for himself what he wants done to his body and what he doesn't want.  This will consist of more appointments and that is what is expected but not fun none the less.

With all the kids in school it feels like the days can either go quickly or the drag on forever.  There seems to never be a middle or in between.

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